The meeting of nostalgia and modern expression. Our wall- and object paintings are pure authentic handcrafted products using sustainable colors.

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High recognition factor

Where else can you get this magical combination of “old meets new”?

The industry of fairground amusements lives by its special mixture. This is where we start.

What would rollercoasters and fairground vehicles be without traditional paintings?

We focus on modern subjects built in a sustainable manner. This way we create individual and unique paintings with the highest degree of recognition.  


Each realization is planned individually.

The technology of painting has to fit in perfectly with the theming of your object. It needs to get its very own character. The brushpen techniques are able to give your backdrop a special appeal. They are tradional and powerful through their brilliant colors and level of detail.

In the end it’s your choice which realization you wish for. We gladly advise you for best possible results. Each paintwork is unique and a positive appeal forming a high recognition factor.

Heidi_Schneider_ Pinselmalerei

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